Saturday, March 31, 2007

at a glance


American filmmaker, Steven Spielberg is the most acclaimed and the ever popular living entertainer of the late 20th century. Emerged as creative moviemaker in 1970; today, he is not only a successful producer-director but also a household name and a veritable brand the world over.

His films have shallow story lines but with his cutting edge filmmaking technique and spellbinding special effects, he has produced a series of blockbusters. From Jaws to Jurassic Park, Spielberg has never failed to amaze and amuse the audiences. He combines mass appeal with stylistic mastery to create a visual fusion that appeals filmgoers ranging from the restless kids to scholarly critics. With his obsession for quality and habit of paying attention to detail, he has created the most popular body of work any director has ever produced in the history of Hollywood.

His films display two most significant elements of human nature – wonder and hope. The typical Spielberg hero is drawn to discovery and the key shot is the revelation of the wonder he has discovered. Spielberg uses reflexivity and intertextuality to enhance the meaning of his films. Hence, using elements of science fiction (sci-fi) and fantasy he avoids heavy ideas to propound inspirational feelings, particularly childlike wonder and optimism.

Aggressive commercialism and childlike simplicity of his films have come to dominate the world’s film industry. Spielberg has not only succeeded as director and producer but also as a complete entertainer. With his venture Dreamworks SKG, a media company, he has excelled in every medium that convergent technologies have created including interactive games, television software, live action, music and animation for films.

As he successfully churns out box-office hits one after another; his dream of producing the greatest entertainment, and influencing masses seems to have come true.

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